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Geosurv List of Accomplished Projects

Kenya Power and Lighting Company (KPLC)

Involved in major GIS projects that have helped the lighting company in achieving its vision 2030, to provide power to every corner of the nation. Most of these projects involve collecting raw data from the ground on the company’s facilities distribution.

Among them was the GIS facility mapping to create a database of their low voltage transmission network and customer location and meter attributes, and the ongoing Last mile project. They revolve around vast geographical extents, from urban areas of Nairobi to rural regions of Rift Valley and Coast.


Have worked with them on a majority of projects that involves both GIS and Survey (Cadastral, Topo and Engineering). Common of them include line route survey of their proposed/ existing transmission lines. The projects are usually very detailing, ranging from way leaves acquisition to compensation estimation/ valuing of affected areas and property.

These transmission lines are either High Tension or Medium Voltage, and vary in lengths and spatial distribution, reaching up to 300km.


We have worked with the corporation on several projects that are detailed, among them the ongoing Standard Gauge Railway Phase 1. We were the RAP (Resettlement Action Plan) consultants valuing and estimating the affected areas/ property.

Under the NLC (National Land Commission), we did cadastral survey all along the proposed line route to establish individual areas affected by the way leave.


The client is a multinational contractor, working in Kenya with KPLC to deliver the Last Mile project. We are their Survey consultants, offering GIS and Survey services. We worked with them in Taita Taveta and Kwale Counties in collecting eligible customers for KPLC in the ongoing Last Mileproject.


We work with the University in delivering matters pertaining survey. We have worked on the Karangaita farm development plan to provide Topographical Survey and a detailed Survey plan of the farm in Juja, Thika.

Postal Corporation

We worked with the corporation in providing detailed survey works on its various offices across the country. The assignment involved beaconing and marking, for registration purposes, their postal offices, among them; Tom Mboya office, Kagio Kirinyaga, Wundanyi Taita Taveta and Embu.


The wildlife service required a surveyor that would provide quality cadastral services for Kiunga Marine reserve and outpost and Swaiwa Swamp, which Geosurv did.We provided them with cadastral survey works to mark the said reserves and process titles.


The county Government referred to Geosurv for provision of survey services on its islands, Ras Kitau, for proper urban planning. The assignment involved working the locals to create a physical and urban plan for the next 10 years. We did a plan that incorporated the existing land use/ land cover and land tenure system. We marked and delineated transport, communication and social amenities in the area to avoid a menace that the main Lamu Island faces.


We worked with the authority to provide survey services and way leave acquisition in its proposed MV routes. The services involve GIS to establish best and most appropriate routes for the lines, with minimal interference for easy way leave acquisition. We provide longitudinal section profiles of the proposed line routes to assist the client and contractor in determining the types and amount of materials to use in construction.


We provide them with detailed topographical and survey plans of the areas they intend to construct or sell to their customers. This helps them in getting ready titles thus improving on their marketing. They include;

  • Mhasibu housing cooperative
  • Kamuthi housing cooperative
  • Tai sacco waumini sacco among others